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Leo Burnett hops on Isaiah’s Old Spice bandwagon

What’s all this? Handsome Old Spice hunk Isaiah Mustafa (sigh) is coming the UK to lead the search for the perfect British gentle-man, on behalf of brand owner Procter & Gamble, but he’s been hijacked by Leo Burnett? Mustafa fronted ...

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George Parker: how I worked my Agency Fireman miracle for Old Spice

In spite of my innate modesty, I can claim that during my tenure as Dorland’s “Agency Fireman,” I did pull off the odd miracle or two. The “Saving of Old Spice” was one of the more memorable. Even though Old ...

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P&G and Wieden+Kennedy keep on suffering the Old Spice post-Isaiah blues

Procter & Gamble and Wieden+Kennedy are still floundering around, as far as I can see, in the attempt to come up with a convincing post-Isaiah Mustafa Old Spice campaign. Here’s the latest featuring the spectacularly irritating former NFL player Terry ...

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W+K unveils Old Spice Wild Collection’s Wolfdog

This is Wolfdog, Wieden+Kennedy Portland’s latest attempt to find a front something or other for Old Spice (for its new ‘Wild Collection’ rather than the main brand). Since multi-award winning Isaiah Mustafa hung up his towel the agency has struggled ...

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