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Dove goes animated in Cartoon Network self-esteem tie-up

Ogilvy’s work for Unilever’s Dove over the years has given the brand a kind of good works halo but leaves the question: where does it go from here? A tie-up with Cartoon Network in a new series Steven Universe, exploring ...

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Schweppes tackles club gropers with the “dress for respect”

Venerable tonic brand Schweppes has somewhat belatedly come back to life – presumably due to the impact of FeverTree and all those other new rivals – and here’s its latest wheeze, the “dress for respect.” A slinky outfit fitted with ...

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Ogilvy trio put more fruit into Philips

Not entirely sure why Philips is fretting about our intake of fruits and vegetables but here it is, lining up three Ogilvy agencies headed by Amsterdam, with an amusing take on how we’d start paying attention to the stuff if ...

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