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Exclusive! Outside Organisation’s Alan Edwards on why the UK PR business still needs the tabloids

Forget Max Clifford, The Outside Organisation’s Alan Edwards is the doyen of the populist PR world. Edwards began his career in the music business (like Clifford), acting for the likes of Sir Paul McCartney and David Bowie before broadening Outside’s ...

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Murdoch opens his DIY Sunday newspaper kit

The ‘will it happen, won’t it happen’ debate over Rupert Murdoch’s The Sun on Sunday has been abruptly ended by the great man – it’s going to arrive this Sunday February 26th and he’s going to be in charge. Rupert ...

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Has Sun owner Rupert Murdoch shot himself in the foot with his MSC inquisition?

One of the many bizarre aspects of the crisis in News Corporation’s UK newspaper business News international is the way the giant company, one of the world’s biggest and hitherto most successful media organisations, has got every big decision wrong ...

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