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Foster’s new good call ad is just too ‘Australian’

Foster’s may have a new UK agency, Adam & Even in place of longstanding M&C Saatchi but you’d hardly know it from its first ad in a new campaign called ‘good call.’ It has two ockers on the line to ...

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UK’s COI to publish agency fees for government ads

Which is the last thing ad agencies need as they face up to the likely cuts the new Conservative-Liberal Democrat government is likely to impose on the hitherto generous Central Office of Information, the body that handles government ad spending. ...

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M&C man takes Labour fight to client David Cameron

Yes, there’s an M&C Saatchi executive standing for Labour against Tory leader David Cameron in his Witney, Oxfordshire constituency. M&C is the Tories’ ad agency of course, house speciality dissing Labour PM Gordon Brown. Let Stephen Bates in the Guardian ...

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