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Matt Williams: some uncomfortable home truths about football advertising

I’d heard about the new Sky Sports ad before I’d seen it. Which I guess is a very good start. There’d been plenty of tweets. Friends using it to reminisce about Collymore’s late winner, Yeboah’s screamer and “Aguerooooooooo.” Even this ...

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Matt Williams: eight sure-fire Cannes predictions

I was going to write a piece discussing the recent evolution of Cannes Lions, and the shifting perspectives and attitudes towards the festival. Then I read Tom Goodwin and John Owens’ articles on this very matter, and couldn’t have put ...

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Matt Williams: building a creative reputation isn’t rocket science but you have to get out there and do it

Sorry to start a column with a cliché, but they say it’s the little things in life that really make a difference. And in advertising that’s often the case. Let’s face it; most decent-sized advertising agencies are very similar. We ...

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