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It’s Uzbekistan against America in Arsenal boardroom battle

What happens on the pitch is only half of it in football these days (but it always has been a game of two halves) with footballers clogging up the courts with injunctions and boardroom battles. London Premiership team Arsenal, for ...

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Spanish giants Real Madrid and Barcelona top football rich list

Spain’s footballing duopoly of Real Madrid and Barcelona top Deloitte’s list of Europe’s highest-earning clubs yet again, maintaining their lead over English moneybags Manchester United. Actually the oft-maligned English Premier League comes out of it pretty well because it negotiates ...

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We all knew the UK Premier League was a crooks and chancers charter – but now the Chinese government wants to buy Liverpool!

It’s one thing Abu Dhabi buying Manchester City (it’s only an allotment with a generous supply of oil wells) but the Chinese Development Corporation (possibly the biggest pile of free cash the world has ever seen) wanting to buy Liverpool ...

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