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Lynx (or Axe) launches women’s body spray Attract for Her – sort of

Unilever’s Lynx (or Axe, depending on where you are in the world) is launching its first women’s line extension Attract for Her body spray, except it’s not really because it’s not be marketed specifically at women but they can buy ...

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Lynx’s Lucy Pinder says ‘sorry’ for banned porny internet films

Lynx’s online campaign featuring glamour model Lucy Pinder was one of the own goals of the year, being (belatedly) banned by the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority. So now Lucy is appearing in a new film saying ‘sorry’ as she ruefully ...

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Lynx spells out the rugby rules of the game for beach volleyball fans

This is from Lynx Australia (there’s another one from Lynx New Zealand showing the All Blacks winning). Actually it’s quite a good explanation of the often baffling rules of rugby, timed to coincide with the Rugby World Cup. And it’s ...

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