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LG has us all guessing with bonkers Statham ad

LG says its new G5 phone is “the first phone built for play,” not gaming as such but one that can connect various other devices – so-called ‘Friends’ – such as a VR headset and even a robot to make ...

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Halloween’s Silenced night

Never let it be said that MAA is too po-faced to enter into the spirit of the occasion. Here for your delight is the season’s spookiest Hallowe’en ad, as measured by YouTube hits (nearly 23 million). Produced by SuperHeroes for ...

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LG heats up the kitchen in new Hill Holliday campaign

Here’s a new campaign for LG from Hill Holliday Boston, suggesting a more than warm relationship between a housewife (husband even comes home for lunch) and her domestic appliances. Hmm. More reliable than a pizza delivery boy, I suppose.

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BETC London brands Crossroads girls as Madams

When you think of Soho, London, what comes to mind? Some of civilisation’s oldest professions: such as advertising and, er, creative production services. Of course it does. And just to dispel any possible misunderstanding, BETC London have stamped an unforgettable ...

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LG trumps Samsung’s S4 launch with copycat poster

Samsung launched its new iPhone-killer S4 phone in the US yesterday and may be slightly miffed that rival (well, not that serious a rival) LG tried to steal its thunder with a classic piece of ambush marketing. Marketers and the ...

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LG in surprise lift attack for new IPS monitors

You can’t go anywhere these days without appearing unwittingly in an ad (crowd-sourcing I believe they call it). We don’t actually know if the people in this online film for LG IPS monitors (LG claims the screens produce a colour ...

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