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Leo Burnett deploys hard-hitting AI for Hunger in America

One of the disconcerting factors about late capitalism in developed markets is the incidence of food banks and the like, visible proof that some people don’t have enough to eat. You see them in the UK and now this ad ...

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Bonds and Leo Burnett highlight global warming need – cooler balls

Are Aussies unduly fixated by their nether regions? Seem to recall a string of ads aimed at improving matters down there. Here’s another for Bonds X-Temp, aimed at cooling you down when temperatures rise. From Leo Burnett Melbourne. Deserves a ...

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China Airlines and Leo Burnett rack up global viral winner

Here’s a viral ad success story from China, poking fun at customers: surely not? Actually it’s from Taiwan for national carrier China Airlines, courtesy of Leo Burnett, and the Chinese language version has over six million YouTube views. Which tells ...

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