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New global Apple campaign is beautiful but bland

Here’ another of those ‘feel-good but don’t say anything much’ ads that have become a torrent recently – this one from TBWA Media Arts Lab for Apple’s iPad Air (which sounds quite an important product, fusing the iPad with a ...

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Adweek celebrates 35 years with ‘best of’ reel

Adweek in the US is 35 it seems, so it’s produced a video of outstanding/interesting ads from each of those years. They’re mostly American, obviously (these are the ex-colonials who think there’s a ‘World Series’ of baseball. But W+K London ...

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W+K London back on the case for new Honda Civic

Honda seems to be in a bit of a mess at the moment; laying off 800 workers at its UK plant while upscale rival Jaguar Land Rover is adding them. And the company is reviewing its creative agency in the ...

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