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Two-agency win for Honda in UK’s top car virals

Video Metrics company Visible Measures has produced a new list of the most popular viral video car ads in the UK, nearly all from 2013 as you’d expect (Honda and Chevrolet’s Outstanding Design are from 2012 and 2011 respectively). Honda ...

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New global Apple campaign is beautiful but bland

Here’ another of those ‘feel-good but don’t say anything much’ ads that have become a torrent recently – this one from TBWA Media Arts Lab for Apple’s iPad Air (which sounds quite an important product, fusing the iPad with a ...

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Adweek celebrates 35 years with ‘best of’ reel

Adweek in the US is 35 it seems, so it’s produced a video of outstanding/interesting ads from each of those years. They’re mostly American, obviously (these are the ex-colonials who think there’s a ‘World Series’ of baseball. But W+K London ...

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