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WPP claims Q1 organic growth of 5.1 per cent

WPP has produced its Q1 2016 numbers and they’re much as expected with decent revenue growth and an increase in net sales – its version of organic growth – of 3.2 per cent, in line with last year. Billings were ...

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Gustavo Martinez rape comment tape is revealed

Here’s that tape in l’affaire Martinez, now admitted into court with other faces obscured. Hmm. Communications boss Erin Johnson’s case against former JWT CEO Gustavo Martinez, the agency and WPP doesn’t just rest on this. But Martinez comes across as ...

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WPP backtracks over video in Martinez case

The head tennis between lawyers for WPP/JWT and JWT communications boss Erin Johnson (left) who’s suing the agency in l’affaire Martinez has taken another (rather predictable) twist. WPP’s lawyers now say they’re happy for the video including some of the ...

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Levy or Sorrell: who’s right about sexism in adland?

The furore about sexism in the ad industry held centre stage at last week’s 4A’s conference in the US (probably to the relief of media agency agency execs who feared it would be all about rebates) and first intop the ...

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Mad Men and sexism – the boobs have it

Sexism is one of the issues of the moment, in adland and elsewhere, with l’affaire Martinez in New York and various surveys and the like showing that women still don’t get their fair share of top jobs (although Martinez’ successor ...

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