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ITV completes sales revamp with a severe case of verbal linguine

Fru Hazlitt and Simon Daglish have completed their revamp of UK terrestrial broadcaster ITV’s sales, losing a few people and gaining some. In so doing it seems to have concocted a dish of verbal linguine, a dish it’s easy to ...

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Channel 5 owner Richard Desmond set to scupper ITV’s new sales team

Daily Express owner Richard Desmond has compiled a huge fortune by, among other things, not playing by the rules as they are understood by rival media owners. And now, as the new owner of Channel 5, he’s about to scupper ...

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Adam Crozier and Archie Norman are the lottery winners at ITV

ITV made £320m in pre-tax profits in 2010 and, more crucially, managed to reduce its debt from £612m to £188m and pension deficit from £436m to £313m. Even better for the dynamic duo of CEO Adam Crozier and chairman Archie ...

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ITV is set to announce £300m profits from good old spot advertising – so why is it worrying so much about digital?

To put this into context, ITV’s anticipated pre-tax profits of £300m (due to be announced Wednesday) on a revenue of about £2bn nearly all come from the sale of TV spots (up 16 per cent over the course of the ...

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Fru Hazlitt sets out her post-Gary Digby sales agenda for ITV

New ITV marketing boss Fru Hazlitt has been telling the Financial Times (registration required) how she intends to “wean” ITV away from its reliance on 30-second commercials (“hideously cyclical”) and make it the UK’s pre-eminent “marketing platform.” This apparently means ...

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Adam Crozier’s ITV strategy under fire following sales boss Fru Hazlitt’s night of the long knives

Has ITV gone completely barmy? That’s what many hardened media pros in London are asking themselves as they digest the implications of marketing boss Fru Hazlitt’s brutal clearout of sales director Gary Digby and his team, the allegedly old-fashioned bruisers ...

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