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More headaches for Murdoch as Times drops below 500,000

The latest ABC figures show that all the quality dailies saw their circulations fall in August, no doubt due to a combination of the holiday period and the inexorable pressure of the internet. But News International will be the most ...

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Will Telegraph’s Conrad Black win a get out of jail card?

Well the disgraced tycoon, currently serving a six and a half year sentence for fraud as inmate 18330-424 in Florida’s Coleman prison, just might as the US supreme court has ruled that he was treated unfairly when a judge threw ...

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Tesco backs minimum pricing on drinks

So the mighty Tesco has spoken, coming out in favour of minimum pricing of alcoholic drinks, much to the surprise and no doubt chagrin of both its rivals and the drinks producers. Writing in today's Daily Telegraph, Tesco chief executive ...

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