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Craig Oliver and Norman Smith Leveson spat shows why spinners and hacks will always hate each other

The Leveson Inquiry entertainment goes on, with Tony Blair appearing earlier this week and being engagingly Tony-ish (the bastard), education secretary Michael Gove (a former employee of Rupert Murdoch as a journalist at the The Times) annoying his lordship with ...

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UK PM David Cameron’s all over the place, send for a spin doctor!

He’s just acquired another one of course in former BBC producer Craig Oliver but the consensus (and it’s early days so far) is that Oliver is useless. More noted for the array of technology he carries with him than any ...

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PR disaster as Lib Dem peer Lord Oakeshott sandbags UK government bankers bonus deal

The UK coalition government, comprised of Tories led by David Cameron and chancellor George Osborne with a tail of increasingly reluctant Liberal Democrats, has been completely sandbagged today by Lib Dem peer Lord Oakeshott (hardly a household name) resigning over ...

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