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Marketing’s own femme fatale Julie Roehm is back

So Julie Roehm (pictured), femme fatale and arguably the only larger-than-life personality left in marketing, has managed to land herself a proper job again – as VP marketing at global software company SAP. Unlike Jodie Fisher, the ‘marketing consultant’ who ...

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Fiat takes big bet on Jennifer Lopez for US launch of small car Fiat 500

Actress and singer Jennifer Lopez seems to have become the ‘go to’ option for anxious marketers in the US. Currently she’s the face (or legs) of Procter & Gamble’s Venus razors and now Chrysler/Fiat is betting the house that she ...

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Fiat 500 drives back into the US to Jailhouse Rock

Not very much of the Elvis Presley classic alas but the opening few bars herald the return of Fiat (the new owner of Chrysler of course) to the US market with its cute Fiat 500, its revamp of 1957’s iconic ...

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