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Car sales drive China boom (bling’s doing OK too)

According to the Wall Street Journal’s Wealth Report a lady in China sent 30 Mercedes to the airport to pick up her $580,000 Tibetan mastiff last month. It’s not known what the other 29 were for, one unkind comment in ...

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Forget about Greece and the Eurozone, think East

Which, of course, under pressure, just about everybody in the US or Europe has been told for years, but we don’t really believe it do we? But the latest Nielsen Global Consumer Confidence survey shows that consumers are feeling pretty ...

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Starbucks and Costa take coffee to China

Where there’s all that tea already of course. But globalisation knows few boundaries these days and US coffee shop chain Starbucks, which already has about 300 branches in China, is planning to roll out its newish Via Essence instant coffee ...

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