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Why the Premier League should stall new £35m Barclays sponsorship deal

The Premier League just doesn’t get it, does it? The world is crashing around Barclays’ ears, its chief executive Bob Diamond has just been forced to step down by the Governor of the Bank of England, its chairman Marcus Agius ...

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Why HSBC £40m fine over mis-selling to older customers gives marketing a bad name

Chris Barraclough, writing in Marketing magazine, is right. While the marketing community obsesses about Marks & Spencer lingerie ads, Size Zero models, Twitter trending and the monetisation of Facebook, it is almost entirely oblivious to some criminality of Dickensian proportions ...

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Lord Bell rejects connection between Gulliford deal and VCCP’s easyJet win

Lord Bell, chairman of Chime Communications, has written to me regarding our story about Chime’s acquisition of Gulliford Consulting for a maximum price of £4.75m. We noted that Simon Gulliford, former marketing head of Barclays and Standard Life, had been ...

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