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Scaremongering Romney ad upsets Chrysler

Yet another US election ad caught with its integrity down. This time it’s all about Mitt Romney desperately currying favour in the battlefield state of Ohio by resorting to what appear to be – er – lies about Chrysler’s employment ...

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Is Mitt Romney wise to bank on croaky old Clint?

Clint Eastwood produced a rather bizarre turn at the Republication convention (addressing an empty chair) and here he is again, fronting up for Mitt Romney in one of the many PAC-funded ads that the US bizarrely allows in elections (PACs ...

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Eurozone woes hit worldwide ad spending says new ZenithOptimedia report

Which is hardly surprising but also all the more reason to hope that US president Barack Obama and his allies (just about everyone outside Europe) can knock some sense into austerity junkies Germany’s Angela Merkel and even the UK’s David ...

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Is anyone else struggling with US business jargon?

One of the most over-used expressions at the moment in the US is ‘reaching out’ as in ‘thank you for reaching out to us’. I guess it means making contact. It carries more perceived weight than ‘thank you for contacting ...

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