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Sony ups challenge to Apple with new music and video service

Sony is to announce a new internet-based music and video subscription service to run across all its devices including Playstations, Vaio computers, Blu-ray video players, Walkmans, Bravia TVs and Sony Ericsson mobiles. Millions of Sony consumers already access the internet ...

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Is Google running out of (its own) ideas?

The company’s hardly on its uppers of course with about $30bn available to spend but Google, like other tech giants before it including Microsoft and Yahoo, is hitting problems trying to diversify out of its core area of search. Its ...

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Is Google finding life a little harder?

Well its latest quarterly results suggest it is, even though profits rose from $1.48n to $1.84bn its costs rose by a thumping 20 per cent. According to the pundits this suggests that the company is reverting to research and development ...

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