American Apparel in trouble over sexy thigh-highs

American Apparel’s in trouble again with the UK’s ad regulatory body the ASA, this time for ‘overtly sexual’ images on its website. To its great delight, no doubt. These are deemed to be ‘voyeuristc’ and to ‘objectify women,’ among other ...

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Here’s what we think about cable companies

Two million or so people seem to think like this anyway, according to YouTube’s viewer tally of ‘The First Honest Cable Company’ from ExtremelyDecentFilms. from a UK perspective all it needs is a grinning Sir Richard Branson, supposedly the customer’s ...

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Team WPP’s Ford blunder reveals the perils of living in a creative bubble

What could be more timely than demonstrating the little car’s exceptional cargo-carrying capacity than three nubile women, one scantily clad, all three bound and gagged, occupying the boot space? Closer inspection of the ad reveals that the caricatures are supposed ...

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