Simon Francis: It’s Valentine’s Day – how can love blossom in the agency/client relationship?

Simon Francis, CEO of integrated marketing company Flock Associates, suggests some ways that clients and agencies can build true love into what are often fraught and short-term relationships.     The quality of the relationship between marketing and procurement clients ...

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Chevrolet goes gay as it tries to find a new, new road

Thanks to darling Vladimir Putin we’re all gay these days – or big brands are anyway. Chevrolet is making a principled stand/jumping on the bandwagon (delete where necessary) of Russia’s anti-gay and lesbian programme by running this ad in NBC’s ...

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Canada’s gay ‘lugers’ show up ridiculous Vladimir Putin

The Winter Olympics, just opened in Sochi, Russia, promises to be a laugh – unless a suicide bomber gets through, of course. Chief cause of merriment will be the efforts of pro-gay supporters (who include Google and the UK’s Channel ...

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