Jamie Williams of isobel: why ending negative stereotypes needs to be everyone’s responsibility

The new ASA gender stereotyping guidelines should be welcomed by brands, agencies and the wider advertising industry, but enforced regulation is not enough. Formalising regulation is a natural step on from discussions around big issues, such as gender equality in ...

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Audi comes a cropper with Chinese mother-in-law

It’s good to see that an ad can still cause an international stir and this modest effort from Audi in China certainly has. A Chinese mother-in-law inspects a bride at a wedding in the cause of promoting Audi used cars ...

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Corbyn shows the so-called experts how to communicate

Amazing isn’t it how you can overturn PR perceptions. Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn, derided as a left wing loony and worse by the likes of the Sun and the Mail (the Mail, as I recall, said Theresa May would win by ...

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