Trump’s comments on servicemen are un-American says Lincoln Project – but is anyone listening?

The Lincoln Project of antiTrump Republicans has produced another timely volley of mud to lob at Donald Trump, this time over his disparaging remarks about American servicemen. Trump’s own military record – he avoided getting one – is also referenced. ...

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Post-lockdown creativity: Budweiser cashes in on Leo Messi leaving saga

Budweiser and agency Deutsch have been pretty quick out of the blocks with this one: heralding a new “partnership” between the beer and star footballer Lionel Messi, it references the “will he, won’t he” leave Barcelona saga that briefly occupied ...

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Lincoln Project aims below-the-belt broadside at Trump

Everybody expects the US presidential election ad campaigns to get dirtier and dirtier and now the anti-Trump Republican Lincoln Project has ventured below the belt with this ad – ‘Adultery’ – listing Trump’s alleged sexual misdemeanours. Pointedly it’s dug up ...

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Republican Lincoln Project backs Joe Biden: now it gets harder

The Lincoln Project – anti-Trump conservative Republicans – has so far concentrated on attacking the Donald for his perceived failures in combating coronavirus and other pressing matters – but now it’s come out for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. Uncle ...

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Post-lockdown creativity: Women in Film demand fair consideration

Here’s a lively effort from Saatchi and Saatchi US for Women in Film, highlighting what a male (and white) fiefdom film remains and, especially, that men are seemingly twice as likely to be hired following a recession. Given that this ...

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