ITV’s new triumvirate has no room for Rupert Howell

Rupert Howell

It always looked likely that Rupert Howell, the former HHCL and McCanns chief, ITV’s managing director of brand and commercial, would run out of room on the arrival of another former agency man Adam Crozier as CEO. The station is ...

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Could being the biggest create an image problem for Apple?


Sounds daft we know but for decades Apple has been the discerning techies’ choice and many a heated argument has taken place between designers and writers praising its wares with quasi-religious zeal and other people saying ‘get a life,’ everybody ...

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Why Google TV won’t work

It won’t work because it’s complex (yet another box), costly, people don’t want to surf on their TVs, it will add to advertising audience fragmentation and (in the US) you can get most of the good bits already on cable. ...

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What do BP’s problems and Chevrolet account switch have in common?

Arguably they both point to the occasional, but persistent, problem of doing business in the US. BP is receiving a terrible kicking from various American legislators and government types, starting with president Obama. So it should, you may say, as ...

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Channel Five in the UK shop window – surely Sky will make a move?

Channel Five, or Five as it likes to be known, is officially up for sale according to a report in the Daily Telegraph. The terrestrial station, which is owned by Luxembourg-based RTL which in turn is majority-owned by German media ...

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UK government ad budget slashed by £160m to just £48m

According to Marketing magazine that’s what’s going to happen anyway as it reports that the new government is to cut spending by £160m this year, which leaves just a measly £48m to head the way of the advertising and media ...

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Marie Stopes TV ad is a sign of changed times

Not so long ago a TV ad for pro-abortion NGO Marie Stopes International would have caused a big, if predictable stink but it doesn’t seem to have happened so far in the UK as the first abortion services ad is ...

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