My pick of 2012: Dollar Shave Club, Grey New York and Michael Dubin

Fearless Group co-founder Jerry Judge gives us his choices for ad/campaign of the year, agency of the year and person of the year. Dollar Shave Club There are still good campaigns in the US, in spite of all the dramatic ...

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My pick of 2012: Guardian, Samsung, Directv, Carlton…. and Grey!

“I wish I’d done it” is the subjective test for a great ad. Which of this year’s crop of TV ads makes my list? Chipotle? Not really. The Guardian’s ‘Three Little Pigs’? Maybe, but I still prefer Webster’s ‘Points of ...

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McCann tries ‘Carry on up Christmas’ for Paxo

Turkeys don’t vote for Christmas do they? And they gobble a lot. These are the two seminal jokes in this McCann London film for Paxo, stuffing in a packet for those of us who are going to make something wonderful ...

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