Now former Kinetic direct client specialist James Copley joins Eric Newnham’s Talon as number two

Former Kinetic chief operating officer James Copley (left) has rejoined his long-time colleague Eric Newnham at new outdoor media buying contender Talon. Copley will be managing partner, effectively number two to majority shareholder Newnham. At Kinetic Copley was noted for ...

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W+K enters yellow ribbon territory for Chrysler

Gulp, it’s Wieden+Kennedy grabbing the US nation firmly by the tear ducts for Chrysler again. We’ve had Eminem’s ode to Detroit and Clint Eastwood’s ‘Halftime in America’ in the last two years and this year’s Chrysler Super Bowl epic features ...

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Saatchi scores at Super Bowl with Tide and Rav4

Maybe this Super Bowl ads business is getting out of hand: zillions spent this year but not too many winners according to most of the pundits. The trouble is: the more the cost goes up and the scrutiny increases, the ...

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