What a busy week: Facebook IPO fiasco, Adam & Eve goes for mind-boggling £60m, Jeremy Hunt on way out and why aren’t we on Google News?

OK, let’s take it from the top: Facebook’s IPO was a fiasco as there was clearly information available about the company’s struggle to reach ad revenue targets that were made available to some investors (the big boys) and not the ...

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Here’s what Kraft’s new Mondelez looks like

Kraft shareholders have agreed to buy the name Mondelez for the about-to-be spun off snacks business, incorporating the likes of Cadbury and Oreos among other brands. Here’s the logo (home-produced like the name?), complete with fiddly bits around the edges, ...

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If you look really hard at the numbers Facebook is worth ‘just’ $21bn (not $104bn)

According to the business press, Wall Street is full of recriminations over the Facebook IPO. Morgan Stanley, the lead underwriter, allegedly ignored downward revisions of forecasts from its own analysts during the roadshow pre-IPO. The top securities regulator in Massachusetts ...

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