Are these the worst US ads of 2010?

According to Crowell Advertising & PR’s second annual Tracy Awards they are anyway. Agency founder Tracy Cowell reckoned there was a gap in the awards market for real stinkers and here’s the full list, the cream of the crap as ...

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Rumbol and Green unveil plans for new agency 101

Former Cadbury marketing director Phil Rumbol (Mr Gorilla) and three refugees from Fallon UK, Laurence Green, creative Richard Flintham and designer Mark Elwood, have revealed a little about their eagerly-awaited new agency. It’s going to called 101 (which comes as ...

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Sometimes you just have to share these things, here’s Wilkinson Sword’s ladies ‘mowing the lawn’

From JWT New York I believe but stranger things have happened. It’s an oldish commercial but it shows how below-the-belt female preoccupations are becoming big business. Good job it isn’t running in the UK because the Daily Mail would have ...

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