Coke Zero muscles in on James Bond Skyfall movie

I thought Heineken was the drink to be featured in the new James Bond film Skyfall (the real Bond drinks martinis and Dom Perignon, we all know that) but Coke Zero is muscling in on the action with this campaign ...

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DDB Amsterdam makes a splash for Dutch insurer Centraal Beheer

As the autumn nights draw in, here’s a nice bit of sunny cheese from DDB Amsterdam for Dutch Insurance company Centraal Beheer Achmea. Quite brave too – these days how can they be sure that over-enthusiastic speedboat couples won’t sue ...

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Mark Lund’s new agency Now debuts with chirpy Claims Direct ad

Ambulance-chasing ads drive you up the wall if, like me, you end up watching too many digital channels of an afternoon as you escape from the computer before commencing the evening’s entertainments. But Now, the agency we forecast might become ...

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