Best ads of 2011: Another tale of Coke and Pepsi

It’s a rivalry that seems as old as the hills now and, in ad terms, Coca-Cola always seems to win although Pepsico, despite its problems with fizzy drinks, is now actually a rather bigger company thanks to things like Doritos. ...

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Best ads of 2011: VW Passat’s ‘Darth Vader’ from Deutsch LA

It’s VW again, but this time not from DDB but Interpublic’s Deutsch LA. Deutsch’s ‘The Force’ ad for the 2012 VW Passat featuring a precocious Darth Vader was the most-liked ad in 2011’s Super Bowl, has garnered over 45m views ...

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Welcome to 2012 Google+ tells Facebook

Nearly all Google’s stupendous profits still come from search and its Adwords programme but the company also seems serious about its latest big venture, Facebook rival Google+. As Facebook prepares to celebrate its display advertising take heading through $4bn by ...

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