Expedia and 180LA take the gay marriage route

I get a bit uneasy when advertisers dip a toe into social/personal engineering. Would they have done the same thing if Dr Goebbels had been the client? Ultimately ads are there to sell (increasing awareness is ultimately about making a ...

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New Guinness ‘cloud’ ad from AMV/BBDO floats into dangerous territory

I blame it on the famous ‘Surfer’ commercial, made all those years ago for Guinness by agency AMV/BBDO and director Jonathan Glazer. It was a great film but had bugger all to do with beer and Guinness advertising has disappeared ...

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AKQA heads for Portland, home of Nike and W+K

You can imagine the conversation can’t you – Ajaz Ahmed of AKQA (left) and Sir Martin Sorrell (not for the first time). “Look Ajaz, come in with us and we’ll back AKQA to be the biggest and best digital network ...

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