Citigroup turns 200 with carefully-edited history

US banking giant Citigroup (or Citi as it likes to be known) is 200 this year and has produced this film to celebrate the fact, as you do. It celebrates some of the great things the bank has been involved ...

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Wieden+Kennedy launches second-half ad blitz for Chrysler and Detroit

‘Half-time in America’ for Chrysler, featuring Clint Eastwood, won most of the plaudits at the Super Bowl and now Wieden+Kennedy Portland has girded its loins for the second half, continuing its one-agency crusade to revive both the Italian-owned auto brand ...

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TBWA McDonald’s producer John Benet finds Chinese ‘sunshine’ in advertising all too much

Poor old McDonald’s is rather accident-prone just at the moment and the corporation’s mood won’t have been improved by this film made by freelance producer John Benet (pictured), reflecting on his experiences making a commercial in China with Partizan director ...

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