The eyes say Coca-Cola is top Christmas ad

Realeyes assesses Christmas ads through facial recognition and top this year is Coca-Cola’s link-up with Channel 4’s Gogglebox showing viewers responding to the “iconic” Coca-Cola truck ad. Influenced, no doubt, by the real Coca-Cola trucks that have been scouring the ...

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Mad Men show how not to do the Christmas party

For those of you still musing over the Christmas party don’t take a cue from Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. Like inviting a lawnmower for instance. (Warning lots of blood)

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Post Office says “it’s never just post” at Christmas

Can’t say I’m a fan of the Post Office at Christmas (the queues) but at least it shows why we need one. More of them preferably. MullenLowe is saying the PO cares about every missive this Christmas in a appropriately ...

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