Forget the agency, get the crowd to produce your marketing insights

Here’s an interesting article in Adweek that describes the way big companies are turning away from individual (or agency-produced) insights in favour of finding out what ‘crowds’ of consumers think. And, surprise, surprise, these exercises in democracy cost them rather ...

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Meerkats are everywhere – now they’re playing Lionel Messi for Pepsi

Is the world about to suffer meerkat fatigue? It wouldn’t be the advertising industry if it didn’t take someone else’s idea and work it to the point of extinction and now the critters, who feature in the phenomenal success of ...

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Could being the biggest create an image problem for Apple?


Sounds daft we know but for decades Apple has been the discerning techies’ choice and many a heated argument has taken place between designers and writers praising its wares with quasi-religious zeal and other people saying ‘get a life,’ everybody ...

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What do BP’s problems and Chevrolet account switch have in common?

Arguably they both point to the occasional, but persistent, problem of doing business in the US. BP is receiving a terrible kicking from various American legislators and government types, starting with president Obama. So it should, you may say, as ...

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Marie Stopes TV ad is a sign of changed times

Not so long ago a TV ad for pro-abortion NGO Marie Stopes International would have caused a big, if predictable stink but it doesn’t seem to have happened so far in the UK as the first abortion services ad is ...

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GM cops more flack in the US over Ewanick’s brutal treatment of Publicis

Well business is business but new General Motors CMO Joel Ewanick’s decision to turf the just-hired Publicis from GM’s Chevrolet account in favour of his old pals at Goodby Silverstein has rattled a lot of cages in America. Every agency ...

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