Paul Simons: Why doesn’t any decent London agency want my £5m account?

Last week I saw an economic forecast from Citibank which was quite depressing. The gloom and doom in the general business press strongly suggests 2012 is going to be challenging. Therefore in the current climate I have assumed every business ...

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How to look pretty without poisoning yourself

Canada’s Environmental Defence, the environmental organization which led the campaign for the ban on Bisphenol A (BPA) in baby bottles, is now trying to alert Canadians to the many cancer-causing, hormone-disrupting and allergy-inducing substances contained in the personal care products ...

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McDonald’s – the big brand the world loves to hate, whatever it does

Just lovin’ it? You may be, but you can bet they aren’t. No matter how hard it tries, the world’s biggest restaurant chain by revenue simply can’t strike the appropriate note in its advertising campaigns. In place of plaudits, it ...

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