But were creative directors ever like Don Draper?

Not in the UK they weren’t, even the big American-owned agencies like McCanns and JWT either had smoothly corporate intellectuals like McCanns’ Barry Day (who used to be paid for his musings by Campaign with vouchers at posh bookshop Hatchard’s) ...

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Even Aleksandr the meerkat forgets his script now and again – but is he in danger of outstaying his welcome?

Yet another ad featuring Aleksandr the meerkate has emerged (he must be the saviour of the UK commercials business) but rather than showing that, here’s a collection of Aleksandr’s alleged bloopers (see full story). But Aleksandr is becoming a ...

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Women not tough enough for Today Programme says editor Thomas

Today editor Ceri Thomas is hardly the most popular person with his listeners, many of whom were outraged when presenter ‘posh’ Ed Stourton was defenstrated to make room for returning US correspondent Justin Webb. Now Thomas has told the BBC’s ...

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