HeyHuman’s Shnoosee Bailey picks her Desert Island Ads

Shnoosee Bailey is managing partner and ECD of HeyHuman. Desert Island Ads Everyone is sort of on their own desert island at the moment, whether that be working in retail, working from home or not working at all. Despite the ...

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Mark Elwood: my MAA blast from the past – Skoda

This is one of my favourite spots of all time, addressing head-on consumer misconceptions about, what was, a publicly ridiculed brand. An enormous state of the art factory, 240 robots, the ten-year anti-corrosion warrantee, an engine that meets European emission ...

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Paul Simons: MAA blast from the past – Virgin ‘Still Red Hot’

Virgin Atlantic (now tottering on the Covid-19 brink) celebrated 25 years of disrupting the airline market, giving BA a kick up the fuselage for years, with this blockbuster from RKCR/Y&R in 2009. The sheer confidence and non-corporate attitude cemented their ...

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