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Jane Austin is the founder and owner of PR agency Persuasion Communications.

Jane Austin: why this slick bank ad from Russia is industry’s worst of 2016

Up to seven in ten women across the globe experience physical and/or sexual violence at some point in their lifetime. Despite decades of campaigning to combat the problem, it’s feared that under our current climate of fear and intolerance, it’s ...

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Jane Austin: Cannes Lions 2016 – what did we learn?

Cannes Lions 2016 will be chiefly remembered as the backdrop to the mother of all hangovers, with the Brexit result puncturing the advertising bubble at the week’s end and giving the industry even fewer reasons to be cheerful. But, along ...

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Jane Austin: why Iggy’s the most creative in Cannes

Iggy Pop was one of the few people who actually talked about advertising at Cannes Lions. You know, those things that you see on telly, in a newspaper, or on the street selling you stuff? While everyone else this week ...

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