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George Parker has spent 40 years on Madison Avenue. He’s won Lions, CLIOs, EFFIES, and the David Ogilvy Award. His blog is, which is required reading for those looking for a gnarly view of the world’s second oldest profession.” His latest book, Confessions of a Mad Man, makes the TV show Mad Men look like Sesame Street.

George Parker: my review of 2015 and US agency pick

Christmas seems to have come (and almost gone) in November this year so we’re kicking off our reviews of the year and choice of agencies and others early too. Who better than George Parker, founder and editor of the famed ...

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George Parker: Madison Avenue Manslaughter

Required reading for Big Dumb Agencies and Big Dumb Holding Companies – Madison Avenue Manslaughter. There is no question that the advertising agency business I used to know, love, and profit from, is in a radical state of change, not ...

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George Parker: the MAA idiot’s guide to US elections

You guys have just gone through a General Election. It dragged on for almost six weeks and lots of money was expended to produce a result every single pollster got wrong. Ha, amateurs. Here in America we do not arse ...

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George Parker: The Four Seasons – quo vadis?

If you weren’t too busy handicapping the Eurovision Song Contest over the last couple of weeks, you may have heard the shocking news that Manhattan landmark, The Four Seasons restaurant (below), will soon be closing down and moving to new ...

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