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George Parker has spent 40 years on Madison Avenue. He’s won Lions, CLIOs, EFFIES, and the David Ogilvy Award. His blog is, which is required reading for those looking for a gnarly view of the world’s second oldest profession.” His latest book, Confessions of a Mad Man, makes the TV show Mad Men look like Sesame Street.

George Parker: Steve Jobs, the not-so-family man

This week sees the publication of “Small Fry,” the tell-all book by Steve Jobs’ first daughter, Lisa, and her less than fortunate experiences with a father that refused to acknowledge her for years, even though DNA tests proved conclusively that ...

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George Parker: everything you need to know about the ad biz

When I first set foot in the USA in 1962 after disembarking from the Queen Mary as a snot nosed student, I had been devious enough to have wangled myself an interview with the great British man of advertising, David ...

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George Parker remembers creative director Bill Hamilton

I was devastated to hear the news that Bill Hamilton (left) passed away last week at the age of 74. I have known and worked with Bill at Chiat, Ogilvy and J.W. Thompson over nearly thirty years. He was without ...

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