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Becky Wilkie is an English Literature graduate striving to uncover the inner workings of the advertising industry; posing as a roaming reporter and working in trade PR. She can otherwise be found playing with her about-to-be famous band Fledglings.

Saatchi still ahead in boosting young creators but now brands are joining the search for talent

The 22nd Saatchi & Saatchi New Directors’ Showcase took place on Thursday morning, with this year’s ‘Meet Your Creator’ theme striking a particular chord, in literal terms with a spectacular musical intro, complete with flying computer-controlled choreographed Quadrotors. But also ...

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Cannes despatches: Why agencies should leave YouTube to the YouTube professionals

Every brand knows they need to step up their online presence but it seems like agencies are desperately scrabbling around for models that work. Advice from the YouTube panel discussing ‘How Online Video Powers Creative Innovation’ on Tuesday afternoon was ...

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Cannes despatches: Everyone’s mad about Twitter

When the entire advertising industry descends on Cannes for its yearly party pilgrimage, you know it’s going to get social. Everybody’s here to ‘meet and greet’ (and to share magnums of rosé apparently) but for the first time, in a ...

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