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Has Apple regained its ad mojo with new iPad Mini?

Everybody seems to be moaning about the high price of the new iPad Mini (£269 and up in the UK) but it’ll probably still sell by the bucketload. Apple’s advertising from TBWA/Media Arts Lab has incurred a right old roasting ...

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IKEA tries subversive as kids take over the house

On the face of it this online film (by Mother presumably) for IKEA is good wholesome stuff, a bunch of kids having a party with some rather large toys. But the toys have a slightly sinister air and the final ...

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Canal Digital and Try/Apt head for awards success

Well this is the woman you don’t want to meet, a mere (innocent) brush and she’s pregnant. There are loads of weird ads emerging from Scandiwegia (and some of their exiles are taking over big agencies like McCann). And this ...

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Apple loses the plot with new TBWA iPod ad

Here’s the new ad from TBWA’s Media Arts Lab for the latest iPod Touch. We haven’t seen one of these in a long time as the mighty Apple seemed to have forgotten about the iPod, even though it was the ...

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