Specsavers Creative’s Bertie Rapkin and Jon Morgan : Top Tips for Cannes

Top Tips for Cannes

Victoria Bitter – England Bitter

Whatever you think about Jonny Bairstow’s controversial dismissal at The Ashes, this is a simple, fun and memorable idea that tapped into the moment perfectly. Victoria Bitter – you’re more than welcome to send us a ‘slab’ of VB.

Stok’d – Next to Stok’d

Clever. Irreverent. Funny. Exactly the kind of thing that’ll do well at Cannes. You could argue that it’s easier to attempt this kind of campaign if you’re a smaller brand, but the idea is still very strong.

EE – Freedom

There’s something about the combination of the grade, casting, direction and classic Bloc Party track that feels authentically like modern Britain. Many brands try and nail this, but few achieve it so convincingly. The whole EE brand launch felt fresh and different, which is even more impressive coming from a large telcom.

Channel 4 – Channel 4 Idents

Mesmerising. Stunningly crafted. Could watch them on a loop all day. We can see a pride of Lions on the horizon.

Specsavers Audiology – The Joy of Ordinary Sounds

Well, we couldn’t resist a little shout out for own campaign. To celebrate how amazing it is to hear properly again, we created new onomatopoeic words that brought a variety of everyday sounds to life, from rain falling to bus doors closing.

Bertie Rapkin and Jon Morgan are a senior creative team at Specsavers Creative.

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