MAA Ad of the Week: ‘It has to be Heinz’ by Rethink Toronto

It’s Cannes this week (you may have noticed, we’ve noticed that lots of people who aren’t there ignore it) and so far, among the Grand Prix, there haven’t been that many ads. Purpose-driven mini-docs are still sweeping the newer awards. Film, still for many the blue riband, has yet to be announced.

Creative Effectiveness winner (does this mean the top film isn’t effective?) was Rethink Toronto for ‘It has to be Heinz,’an outstanding example of an old-style campaign for a traditional FMCG brand, artfully dressed in new clothes.

Hienz is now owned by Burger King owner 3G Capital, which may show that even some merciless cost-cutting P/E types know the (financial) value of creativity.

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