Former McCann creative chief Mescall joins by The Network

Former President of McCann’s Global Creative Community John Mescall (below) has joined independent creative network by The Network as creative chair.

The ex-McCann creative leader will work closely with CEO Jack Smail to act as a focus for ideas and be involved in all network-wide creative decision-making, provide creative guidance to network members, work on projects and evaluate the creative potential of prospective members. He will also collaborate to shape the network’s creative direction by overseeing the creative council meetings and initiatives.

Mescall says: “Often life is as simple as following the truth to wherever it takes you. What’s true about advertising is that the best agencies are run by creative people. And the best work happens when great talent gets to work directly with ambitious clients.

“This is exactly what excites and inspires me about by The Network. Every agency is owned and led by creative people. Every client gets to work with those people. And the only thing any of us care about is creativity that’s as potent and powerful as we can make it. Why else are we here?”

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