AI experiment exposes sexism in football for Lay’s

In Brazil, AlmapBBDO and PepsiCo’s Lay’s used AI to make sports journalist Elaine Trevisan sound like a man when she was commentating on a football match. As a result, she got a lot more respect on social media, and no comments suggesting she go back to the kitchen etc.

No surprises there, but it’s always worth highlighting the misogyny that women have to put up with – in all walks of life.

Simone Simões, marketing director at PepsiCo, said: “Lay’s suggested this action together with Elaine to give a more tangible dimension to a problem that women face every day, inside and outside of soccer. We chose Brazil’s favorite sport, which should be inclusive for everyone, to promote, above all, a conversation about respect for all people.”

Not quite on a level with Orange and Marcel‘s deep fake classic that put men’s heads on the bodies of women players, but a good reminder ahead of the summer of sport that we have coming up.

MAA creative scale: 5.5

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