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Wonderhood marks leap year with extra day off

London’s Wonderhood Studios is to give all its employees an extra day’s holiday to compensate them for, in effect, working free on February 29 (2024 is a leap year.)

Apparently the agency discovered that people in the world at large were pissed off about the extra day’s work via its Wonderhood Data Insight social listening unit. ‘Leap Off’ is the result.

CEO Alex Best says: “At Wonderhood, we’ve always leveraged data intelligently in our dealings with clients. So, I was genuinely impressed when our team redirected their efforts inward, uncovering an injustice within our own ranks. I’m pleased that we swiftly took action to rectify the situation and offered everyone an extra day off.”

Will the rest of adland follow suit? Wonderhood thinks it should. Others may say that, as all the staff are at home on Fridays anyway, there’s no need.

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