George Parker: a view from a “decrepit denier of datametrics”

Whilst researching material for my next blockbuster book. Working title… “Even more repetitious confessions of a Mad Man.” I was writing a chapter on my three years in the mid-sixties as “Copy Chief” at “Hot Agency du Jour,” DeGarmo, New York. Yes, back in those days they had titles that designated your function, rather than some wanky variation in bastardized English than no one had a clue what it meant. Perhaps from now on I should be referred to as “Decrepit Denier of Datametrics.”

Whatever, back to the rant. We had some splendid and much-admired accounts, such as the Irish Tourist Board, Hasselblad Cameras, Great Western Wine, CBS, New York, and the Brody Corporation, Owners of some of the finest dining establishments in New York City. One of the very talented [people I worked with was an art director and illustrator by the name of R. O. Blechman (below.). Amazingly, at 93 years old, like me and Ridley Scott, he’s still working. Must be the booze and fags. Check out his Christmas ad for CBS.

One of the Brody Corporations finest Nosheries was L’etoile on Fifth avenue. For you ignorant buggers out there, L’etoile means star in French. I did a campaign in French and English, ‘cos I am a genius. R. O. did the star. Only took him three weeks… But it was perfect.

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