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Unilever doubles down on sustainability with new social media Creator Council

Unilever’s somewhat holier-than-thou purpose-led image has taken something of a battering recently, first from sceptical shareholders and latterly because of its stubborn insistence on continuing to do business in pariah state Russia.

Undaunted, it’s forming what it calls a “coalition of content creators” to boost social media coverage of sustainability, claiming its research shows that 76% of content creators would like to mention sustainability more in their content, but a the majority (84%) experience at least one barrier that holds them back – chiefly the fear of so-called “greenwashing.”

However the study of 232 content creators across YouTube, TikTok and Instagram in the UK, US, Brazil and the Philippines shows that almost two thirds (63%) are creating more sustainability content this year compared to last and three quarters (76%) want to create even more in the future.

38% are worried about greenwashing accusations while 18% fear they’ll be “cancelled” if they offend.

Unilever’s new Creator Council also includes climate-focused non-profits and it’s inviting other interested parties to join. The announcement comes in the lead-up to Climate Week NYC later this month.

Digital influencer and medic Dr Adanna Steinacker says: “As a digital content creator, I feel a responsibility to inspire my audience with solutions that are better for our environmental and planetary health. It is crucial that brands and creators unite in this mission, dissecting science-backed information into creative storytelling that resonates with the public and influences change on a global scale. With adequate brand support, we can enhance sustainability content on social media, inform our communities accurately, and collectively contribute to a better environment.”

Unilever sustainability head Rebecca Marmot says: “We know that sustainability content on social media has the potential to drive more sustainable behaviours, with over three quarters of consumers claiming influencers have the biggest impact on their green choices today.?But it needs to be informative and meaningful content. Climate Week NYC 2023 is the perfect opportunity to collaborate with others and empower influencers to communicate on the key issues with credibility.”

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