Brothers and Sisters ramps up the volume for Yakult

Campaigns these days want social followers and “gut health” brand Yakult is going all out in a new campaign from Brothers and Sisters. A (noisy) hymn to “friendly bacteria,” featuring a remix of a Numa Numa dance track.

Brothers and Sisters CEO Matt Charlton says: “We know traditional advertising is mostly ignored so creating top of mind awareness and attention is paramount to success. Numa Numa has already got a place in people’s hearts – or at least their heads – and algorithms love it, so to borrow that for the purposes of getting adults thinking about their gut health has the foundations of a memorable, unignorable ad campaign.”

Brothers and Sisters seems keen on noise at the moment, as in its raucous We Buy Any Car idents on Sky.

This is better though. Unignorable, as the man says.

MAA creative scale: 7.

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