Printers are now ‘The Stuff of Life’ in new Canon campaign

It tells us something when Canon is advertising not cameras but printers. What used to be an office product is now a vital piece of kit for the modern household where work, school, life admin, holidays, wedding moodboards and lost pets all compete for ink.

VCCP’s new “Stuff of Life” campaign, which shows the flurry of activity around a PIXMA printer, will be shown in the UK, Germany and France. Another 11 European markets will run local versions.

Susie Donaldson, European marketing director at Canon said: “It’s a simple truth that our lives now overlap and merge more than ever before as the home office has become the nerve centre of the modern household. PIXMA is the calm, reliable, creative tool that keeps things moving as chaos unfolds all around and we juggle a multitude of personal and work priorities.”

Jim Capp, creative director at VCCP London added: “If my own family is anything to go by, modern life is a chaotic mix of the fun stuff, the admin stuff and life stuff. We really enjoyed the home made process of capturing this for Canon’s range of home office PIXMA printers.”

Media planning and buying is by Merkle and Dentsu.

MAA creative scale: 6.5

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